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Southern Regions Sled Dog Club Dog Awards
In order to recognise the achievements of our dogs as they compete in all sled dog sports and activities the club has developed an award system.
The basis of the system is not on race placings or times but on distance travelled (or  for weight pull is based on the body weight ratio) and so reflects the achievements of each dog at the level of their ability.

The awards are available in 7 distinct categories and indicate the different skills and abilities demonstrated by our dogs.
            Single Dog
            Team Dog
            Lead dog
            Bik-jor Dog
            Canicross Dog
            Weight Pull Dog
            Lifetime Race Distance Travelled
Within each of the Award categories there are three levels of achievement recognised with each level indicating a greater accumulated distance travelled or a higher body weight ratio achieved.
Dog Excellent
Dog Champion
The Lifetime Race Distance Travelled award is recognised as each multiple of 100 km is reach (i.e. 100,200,300 etc)
The awards are available to all SRSDC club members dogs listed on your club membership form. There are certain conditions for gaining race distance toward an award, a dog must compete and finish in a race. To be considered each race must be an open single dog race as being currently run by various clubs in New Zealand.

For weight pull dogs must be weighed before each event.  Natural surface such as snow, dirt or grass as well as artificial surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or carpet can be used. 

To qualify, the event must be held under NZFSS rules. Races must be under NZFSS rules or the rules must be approved by the SRSDC Committee.
Each heat may count as a race so long as it meets the above requirements: The minimum required distance for each sprint race will be 2 kilometres.
Weight pull has a similar set of conditions. A dog must successfully pull in an event.
For example:
To gain a Single Dog title a dog must complete in at least five different races of greater than 2kms each and accumulate at least 20 race kilometres.
Single Dog Excellent requires the accumulation of 100 race kilometres and Single Dog Champion 200 race kilometres.
In contrast the accumulated race kilometres for the Team Dog award is 40 race kilometres, Team Dog Excellent is 200 race kilometres and Team Dog Champion is 400 race kilometres.
In weightpull a dog must have a body weight ratio of at least 8 on a natural surface or 12 on an artificial surface in at least 4 events for the Weight Pull Dog Award.

A body weight ratio of at least 15 in at least 4 events for the Weight Pull Dog Excellent Award and a body weight ratio of at least 20 in at least 4 events for the Weight Pull Dog Champion Award.


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