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Weightpull is a real test of dog strength and determination. It involves the dog pulling a wheeled cart/rig, loaded with added weights a distance of 5 metres along a flat surface. A special weight-pull harness is used which has a spreader bar in the back to help distribute the weight evenly.

The pull takes place within a chute whilethe handler calls the dog from in front of the chute.The dog has 45 seconds in which to pull the cart the required 5 metres. The weights are increased after each round.

There are 4 classes based on the dogs bodyweight, these are:
  • Class A under 27kg
  • Class B over 27kg 36kg
  • Class C over 36kg 50kg
  • Class D over 50kg

As well as placings for each class there is also placings for the highest body weight-ratio (BWR) which is the total amount of weight pulled divided by the dogs weight . For example, if a dog weighing 22kg pulls a top weight of 465kg its BWR is 21, beating a dog weighing 56 kg that pulls 600kg that has a BWR of 11.

As with Sled Dog Racing the dogs can achieve NZ Federation of Sled Dog Sports Weightpull titles based on points gained from sanctioned competitions e.g. WP, WPX, WPCH.

In September each year in conjunction with the Alaskan Malamute Club we hold the Midway Challenge Weightpull in Timaru. 

Regular practices are held throughout the year, contact us for more information.



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